Presenting the Best Spec Scripts of 2016

For the seventh year in a row we are proud to present Hollywood’s picks for the best specs scripts of the year - The Hit List! With almost 400 specs from more than 450 writers eligible for this years list, it was once again one of the largest creative pools to select from, a task our 500 film executives did not take lightly as they cast more than 2,600 votes for who they deemed the best of 2016!

A look at some of the films that came from Hit List specs of years past!

The 2016 Hit List featured one of the most diverse breakdowns in not just the scripts and writers themselves, but also in the stories and genres represented. With comedies, dramas and thrillers all staying within the average expected rise from previous years, this year we saw a significant surge in science fiction, biopics, period pieces and romances, all earning their best numbers since the Hit List began.

Scripts, stories and genres were not the only widely diverse areas of this years list, as the representation categories once again offered a glimpse at how large the spec market has become, as 12 different agencies, 34 different management companies, and more than 200 individual reps were behind the 92 scripts on this list. This year’s list tied 2015 for the most individual agents with 121, and was second only to 2015, in terms of individual managers.

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